The goal

The Social Innovation Warehouse has been created with the purpose to bridge the gap between youth innovative solutions and other stakeholders that can replicate them in other parts of the world,and also providing resources for young social innovators to increase their capacity and impact.


The program

The Capacity Building Program is a 5 week online learn-by-doing training for the young innovators to explore the multiple dimensions to be considered when delivering social innovation projects with a strong focus on impact.

The premise behind the program is that the young innovators already have knowledge and skills that can be shared and inspire peers. Rather that imposing content, the learning experience has been designed to stimulate participants to engage with the topics they consider relevant for their own context and encourage them to guide peers on topics they are already experienced. Depending on their Learning journey, Young innovators may go through all or just some of the topics.


Who can participate

For this first edition, applicants will be selected by a set of Young Leaders Platforms who will nominate their best representatives to be considered as candidates for the SIW Program.

WHICH MEANS: Young people from any country in the world who are implementing projects solving challenges related to the SDGs AND the founder or co-founder of the project is aged between 15 and 30 years old.

OR More than 51% of the project's team members are aged 18 to 30 years old.

AND The project leader is able to commit at least 3h weekly during the 5-week program.

AND The project is in the testing, implementation or growth phase. The project has been in operation for more than 5 months. The young innovator has a team (+1 people) working with him or her on the project. They have been actively seeking for funding (does not matter if they got any yet).


What happens after?

The young social innovators who managed to upload their projects in the platform will become part of the Social Innovation Warehouse community. With that they get access to opportunities to showcase their projects in relevant events, contact with companies and governments interested in their projects and the possibility of becoming mentors of other young innovators around the world.

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